“Smart City, Smart Residents” and “Oakland Ecopolis”

Here are two written articles/entries that I co-wrote with different groups of people. One is a thinkpiece on Seoul’s Smart City developments that I produced from my research internship with The Centre for Liveable Cities in Singapore in 2016. The other is an entry on an Oakland-centred ecotopian “plan for a plan” from 1997 thatContinue reading ““Smart City, Smart Residents” and “Oakland Ecopolis””

Salon talk at The Substation for “Discipline the City”

I was very glad to have participated in the Salon Series at The Substation running this year under the theme of ‘Discipline the City’ with Joanne Leow as speakers. Both of us wanted to open up a conversation about ‘street’ art in Singapore, a heavily regulated Southeast Asian city-state — that is, art of theContinue reading “Salon talk at The Substation for “Discipline the City””

Launch of “Climates: Architecture and the Planetary Imaginary”

Columbia GSAPP books, through The Avery Review, has published Climates: Architecture and the Planetary Imaginary with Lars Mueller Publishers, and it was recently launched at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, along with an installation of books that reflect the intersection of climate with architectural ideas. I am proud to be a contributor to this massive and beautifulContinue reading “Launch of “Climates: Architecture and the Planetary Imaginary””

UCD Indian Ocean Imaginaries symposium (10/16/15)

The Mellon Research Initiative in “Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds” that I am part of is hosting a symposium tomorrow from 9 – 6pm at 126 Voorhies Hall, UC Davis. Invited speakers include Gaurav Desai, Allen F Roberts, Martha Savaadra, Nidhi Mahajan, May Joseph, Polly Roberts, Ketaki Pant, and Neelima Jeychandran, our Mellon Visiting Professor. TheContinue reading “UCD Indian Ocean Imaginaries symposium (10/16/15)”

Presenting at the Davis Humanities Institute (DHI) Fall Reception 2015

Thanks to the HArCS Dean’s Summer Fellowship this year, I managed to conduct some fieldwork in London and Singapore. I will be presenting a poster titled “Imageable Futures of the Sustainable City” on my summer of research at the DHI Fall Reception, along with my illustrious colleagues from the Cultural Studies Graduate Group. (Many thanksContinue reading “Presenting at the Davis Humanities Institute (DHI) Fall Reception 2015”

The Art of the Archive, ICIS workshop at UC Davis, 21st May 2015

[updated: A link to the CASTAC blog coverage of the event here] I am excited about the prospect of presenting with my colleague and friend, Xan Chacko, the ideas we are engaging with in our respective dissertation projects at The Art of the Archive, an Innovating Communication in Scholarship workshop, held on the 21st of May, 9.30Continue reading “The Art of the Archive, ICIS workshop at UC Davis, 21st May 2015”

From Jeremy Gilbert’s Stuart Hall obituary on ‘Radical Philosophy’

“How many of the conceptual fads that have excited aspiring young radical intellectuals in recent decades (from Agamben to Žižek) have ended up having any actual political purchase whatsoever? Isn’t the lack of historical consciousness and clear, patient analysis an endemic feature today of activist culture, just as a certain anti-intellectualism was the phenomenon againstContinue reading “From Jeremy Gilbert’s Stuart Hall obituary on ‘Radical Philosophy’”