I study and situate the logics, ideologies, aesthetics and cultural politics of contemporary urban representation, design and technology-driven futures against the backdrop of global ecological crisis.

I received my PhD from the Cultural Studies Graduate Group in the University of California, Davis, with a Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory. Using interdisciplinary methods (i.e. discourse and visual analysis, archival research and ethnography), I am interested in topics to do with critical and cultural conceptions of the urban, the global and the planetary, with respect to concepts of space, temporality and scale. In particular, I am interested in situating the contemporary cultural politics of ‘design’ and ‘infrastructure’ in the longer history of the construction and intersection of material and immaterial environments. My research engages in the fields of architectural and design history and culture, feminist Science and Technology Studies (STS) and environmental history and the history of technology, as well as critical and cultural theory, visual culture and aesthetics.

Currently based in Singapore, I am a member of the Singapore chapter of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA). I have worked with various research and cultural institutions and groups in Singapore and at UC Davis, and am interested in fostering projects of collaborative research.


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