Events and Presentations

“Scaling Sovereignty: The ‘Energy Island’ as Past and Future Political Territory,” in “Operational Media, Extraction and Environmental Control” panel, Society for the Social Studies of Science-ESOCITE Annual Meeting, Cholula, December 2022.

Skills-based Session – “In the Beginning” (with Fabian Charles Graham and Ven Paolo Bruno Valenzuela), 17th Singapore Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian Studies, 12th July 2022.

ARI Roundtable with artist/writer Jason Wee and artist Tita Salina on Speculative Southeast Asian Aesthetic Urban Futures, commentary by Associate Professor Daniel Goh, 31st May 2022, 4 – 5.15pm SGT.

National University of Singapore (NUS) Arts Festival 2022, Critical Conversations 3: Illuminating the Poetics of Space – Light as Meaning Making , with Wong Zi Hao, moderated by Dr Kamalini Ramdas, 16th March 2022, UCC Atrium, NUS, Singapore.

“Exploring planetary design futures through Kim Stanley Robinson’s Speculative Fictions,” in “Using Speculative Fictions for pedagogical/research applications centered around environmental stewardship, responsibility and responsible innovation” panel, Society for the Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting, Toronto, October 2021.

Co-moderator with Toby Smith for “Cities and Computers: Our Urban-Machinic Imaginaries” featuring Shannon Mattern, Brian House, Yuriko Furuhata, and Ranjodh Singh Daliwal, December 4th 2020, 9 – 11am PST.

“ ‘We Only Have One Landfill Left’: The Planetary Imaginary of Semakau,” in “Cosmogrammatics: Nature(s) in Planetary Design” panel, European Association for the Study of Science and Technology/ Society for the Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting, August 2020.

“Revisiting Jane Jacobs’ urban complexity in global sustainable city discourse,” “The City and Complexity – Life, Design and Commerce in the Built Environment,” Architecture, Media, Politics, Society conference, London 2020.

“Scaling Back Global Urban Futures,” in “Narrativizing Infrastructure” panel, Association for the Arts of the Present, University of Maryland, College Park, October 2019.

“Future-proofing Singapore: Projecting Formulas for the City-state’s Future,” Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) meeting, New Orleans, September 2019

“Siting ‘para-dise’ with ecofeminist speculative futures’ jam session panel – Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment, June 26th – 30th 2018, UC Davis (panel organizer/ presenter)

“Future-proofing Singapore: Projections of a Developmental City-State,” (‘Pending Politics’), American Anthropological Association Meeting, San Jose, November 2018.

Another Space is Possible? Art Creating Urban Space in Singapore” (with Joanne Leow) – 2nd June 2017, The Substation, Singapore (as part of the Salon series of ‘Discipline the City‘)

“The Global Sustainable City as Global Ecological Model,” 7th April 2017, American Association of Geographers Meeting 2017, Columbus 2, Marriott.

“Memes, Schemes and Dreams: Imagining Singapore Urban Futures,” 10 – 11 June 2016, 9 – 5pm, the Pod, National Library Singapore (on the 10th), and Nanyang Technological University (on the 11th).

Modern Language Association Annual Meeting 2016 (‘Singapore: Literature, Narrative and Articulations of the Public’), 7 January 2016, 7 – 8.15pm, 308, JW Marriott

“A City-State Mourns: Life After Lee Kuan Yew,” (‘End Times and Chronopolitics in East Asia’), American Anthropological Association Meeting 2015, November 18. 2015.

“Imageable Futures of the Sustainable City” – Poster presentation for the Davis Humanities Institute Fall Reception, October 7, 2015, 227 Voorhies Hall

“Revisiting Metabolic Utopia in the discourse of the Asian Sustainable City”, How we live, and How We Might Live”: Design and the Spirit of Critical Utopianism,  2015 Annual Design History Society Conference, September 11-13, 2015. 

Northern California Summer Science and Technology Studies (STS) retreat, 19-21 June 2015.

“Archives of Risk” – (with Xan Chacko) in The Art of the Archive  workshop, 21st May 2015, UC Davis

The Measure of Your Dwelling: Singapore as Unhomed – Singaporean art and architecture exhibition curated by Jason Wee, at ifa-Galerie Berlin (17th April – 5th July 2015), and ifa-Galerie Stuttgart (24th July – 4th October 2015)