The Art of the Archive, ICIS workshop at UC Davis, 21st May 2015

[updated: A link to the CASTAC blog coverage of the event here]

I am excited about the prospect of presenting with my colleague and friend, Xan Chacko, the ideas we are engaging with in our respective dissertation projects at The Art of the Archive, an Innovating Communication in Scholarship workshop, held on the 21st of May, 9.30 – 5.30pm at UC Davis. More details about the workshop here.

Archigram’s ‘Computer City’, 1964, featured in Simon Sadler’s “Archigram: Architecture Without Architecture”

Paper Machines

I had the privilege of attending historian Jo Guldi‘s workshop on Paper Machines, a Zotero plug-in that can ‘read’ through scores of online archived texts (as long as they are OCR PDFs), and pull out key trends in word usage and geographical positions from the aggregated data. The plug-in is extremely useful for scholars engaged in looking at a long historical period or those who have to deal with the fecund messiness of contemporary archives.