“Smart City, Smart Residents” and “Oakland Ecopolis”

Here are two written articles/entries that I co-wrote with different groups of people. One is a thinkpiece on Seoul’s Smart City developments that I produced from my research internship with The Centre for Liveable Cities in Singapore in 2016. The other is an entry on an Oakland-centred ecotopian “plan for a plan” from 1997 that was ultimately rejected by then Mayor Jerry Brown for pragmatic neoliberal development.

(Both are different kinds of pieces, but nonetheless, I am interested in urban case studies, how they become framed by site, and also how they are compared/analysed. I’m also interested in where ‘Smart cities’ categorically intersect with ‘Sustainable cities.’)

1) “Smart City, Smart Residents: Seoul’s ‘Smart’ Transformation Accelerates Under Mayor Park,” with Yimin Zhou and Koo A Mi for CLC Insights (Issue No. 21, December 2016)

2) “Oakland Ecopolis,” with fellow Cultural Studies Graduate Group PhD candidate Trisha Barua for the UC Critical Sustainabilities project.