“Smart City, Smart Residents” and “Oakland Ecopolis”

Here are two written articles/entries that I co-wrote with different groups of people. One is a thinkpiece on Seoul’s Smart City developments that I produced from my research internship with The Centre for Liveable Cities in Singapore in 2016. The other is an entry on an Oakland-centred ecotopian “plan for a plan” from 1997 that was ultimately rejected by then Mayor Jerry Brown for pragmatic neoliberal development.

(Both are different kinds of pieces, but nonetheless, I am interested in urban case studies, how they become framed by site, and also how they are compared/analysed. I’m also interested in where ‘Smart cities’ categorically intersect with ‘Sustainable cities.’)

1) “Smart City, Smart Residents: Seoul’s ‘Smart’ Transformation Accelerates Under Mayor Park,” with Yimin Zhou and Koo A Mi for CLC Insights (Issue No. 21, December 2016)

2) “Oakland Ecopolis,” with fellow Cultural Studies Graduate Group PhD candidate Trisha Barua for the UC Critical Sustainabilities project.

Launch of “Climates: Architecture and the Planetary Imaginary”

Columbia GSAPP books, through The Avery Review, has published Climates: Architecture and the Planetary Imaginary with Lars Mueller Publishers, and it was recently launched at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, along with an installation of books that reflect the intersection of climate with architectural ideas. I am proud to be a contributor to this massive and beautiful volume, with my essay “The Crystal: Architecture Calibrating Climate Change for the Urban Future.”